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Getting known with Arduino

This year started with an interesting new course that is all about building a prototype. I have always found robots fascinating and now I have an opportunity to build something with my own hands.

The very first project - traffic light controller

Our first assignment was to build a small project from the following components: Arduino (UNO) and USBJumper wiresLed lightsBreadboard
1. Hello world, can you hear me?
I downloaded the programming environment for Arduino from (My operation system is Windows 8.1). 

Once the software is installed it is necessary to test if the Arduino is responding to it by blinking a light, in other words this is Arduino's way to say "Hello World". Connect Arduino to your computer with USB and open the programming environment. Choose File > Examples > 01.Basics and run it. If everything is fine Arduino will now blink it's led. Just to be sure I changed the running loop's delay times to see the resort…